International Business Consulting & Development Services

We offer services to International companies wanting to explore business opportunities in Indian terrains.

As a business consulting service provider, we utilize a realistic approach to minimize risks and maximize ROI.

International business consulting involves – conducting due diligence, developing business operations expanding business or optimizing business operations.

  • Suitable Market Entry Assistance or Strategy
  • Setting Principal distribution channel –
  • Business Set Up
  • Expanding Business Operation
  • Match Trade Partners For Business
  • Global Legal Consulting
  • Tax Consulting
  • Audit & Assurance

Business development and growth are two parameters for business success. Our international market consulting involves assisting companies by formulating strategies to enter local as well as international markets. To develop international market entry strategies, there has to be a thorough analysis of the market, existing competitors, potential customers, and challenges faced by location, price and Product or services. global market entry strategy incorporates organic growth strategy and growth by strategic tie-ups. While organic growth involves increasing customers, output as well as developing products, strategic growth tie-ups on the other hand involves synergizing businesses that accommodate each others needs.

We assist our clients by taking into account factors that are crucial for their growth in new market. These include:

We do a thorough analysis on the geography and demographics of the market to provide the latest statistics to our clients. We analyze the market based on following factors: micro-market, population, demand supply, average spending power, pricing and competition, footfall, conversion rates, average bill value, market size, growth and consumer patterns, macroeconomic as well as legal and regulatory insights.

We enable international companies route entry strategies for investment and additionally assist them with Government procedures and regulations to establish their operations.

We comply with the provisions of the local state as well as national guidelines on routing investments in the respective regions.


We determine appropriate product pricing and strategy while considering the target market, product segment and competition.

We recruit a highly adept work personnel to ensure that your business accommodates the right talent.

We offer a variety of services that match your requirements for setting up a business. Our company formation services range from consultancy to appointing a highly qualified sponsor/local agent, and a wide range of supporting services. Our dedicated company formation team assists in delivering all these services in a swift and professional manner. Our team constantly monitors your present business requirements and proactively delivers any future upgrades. We help you achieve efficiency and low operational costs without any compromise on quality. The scope of services include: company formation, company registration – professional, commercial and trade, business incorporation, partnerships, company bank accounts and associated services. We help in company formation in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kenya and India.

Business matchmaking is a unique and effective way to find trading partners and  build an extensive business trade network.  With the business matching service, we give you an ideal method to seek out potential new professional partners and suppliers. We connect entrepreneurs looking for partners with a trusted source, provider or supplier. We help you kick start your business initiative by helping you identify, screen and contact prospective partners, these could be agents, customers or distributors. At Choice Peers International, we help you find business partners online, by screening them and listing out only those who are on par with your parameters. We make sure our screening presents you with the most qualified partners, who are suitable to your business requirements in order to create high-value business opportunities.

Businesses are facing an increasing amount of challenges today, which calls for the implementation of rigorous regulations by local authorities in the countries they operate. Our experts invest time to understand client requirements and provide a practical approach to developing commercial law solutions. We provide consulting services for your business in the following domains – Commercial Property Transactions, Sale and Purchase of Businesses, Contract Review, Preparation of Trust Deeds, Preparation of Security Documentation, Preparation of Shareholder and Joint Venture Agreements.

We advise strategic corporate buyers and private equity investors right from the beginning to the end of M&A deal lifecycle by constantly assisting in selecting the right partner, conducting thorough due diligence to closing the deal. Our corporate mergers and acquisitions services are designed to reflect the changing landscape of industries, customers and competitors and incorporate due diligence, divestiture as well as integration. These are implemented across financial, tax, operational and IT due diligence, transaction structuring, and financing options.

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We help companies to curb challenges by handling employee risk efficiently and proactively establishing and adhering to prudent HR policies and pension solutions. Transitions such as corporate structuring create certain complex situations in areas of harmonization of social policies. We help business right from decision making to drafting legal documents to safeguard against challenges faced during complying with the employments law. These services can be broadly categorized into Individual Employment Law, Relationships with Worker Representative Bodies, Labor Law Issues Associated with Restructuring, National and International Social Security Law, Pensions and Benefits, Mobility and Immigration, Estates and Trusts

When it comes to tax controversy, we separately categorize the solutions under the following – Tax Audit Strategy and Consulting, Tax Controversy Lifecycle Management, Dispute Resolution. Multinational companies are required to look into the discrepancies and conflicts in both headquarters and foreign administration causing wastage of time. Our taxation services are designed to not only focus on the technicalities of taxation and pure merit but also maintain the reputation of the businesses in such situations.

Any organizations success is governed by an increasingly complex regulatory requirement as well as stakeholder demands. Our auditing and assurance services meet the complex demands by providing a timely and constructive challenge to management, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees, and transparent information for your stakeholders and investors.

a) Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit involves ensuring that financial statements are transparent and clear of error. Our Statutory Audit services are designed with a goal to gain an in-depth knowledge of the clients business to draft an effective statutory audit plan. Our Statutory Auditors design a strategy keeping in mind national requirements as well as international standards to maintain transparency, consistency, and credibility of data.

b) IT Audit

Information Technology Audit or IT Audit is essential for IT security in order to maintain data integrity and protecting the organization’s intellectual property to maintain the overall health of an organization. Our Information Technology Auditing and Assurance services include analyzing and developing internal control. We not only seek to highlight significant exposures but also go the extra mile to recommend potential solutions for risk mitigation. Our IT Audit practice and subject matter experience, assists clients in understanding areas of business and industry risk (governance, process, operations, and IT) that translates and aligns IT risk components for business, to ensure business-IT alignment.

c) International Assurance

Expanding internationally is one of the major components for a business to succeed. However, this requires an individual to possess significant knowledge about business as well as tax regulations. Cross-border transitions have become comparably easy with the advance of technology while at the same time tax and foreign business matters have become comparatively more difficult. This is precisely where International Assurance comes to your assistance. We help you navigate through the complexities of doing business internationally in order to achieve your global business objectives with our International Assurance services. We use specific accounting standards after gaining an in-depth knowledge of your country requirements thus helping you effectively maintaining your account books. To do so, our International Assurance services cover the below-mentioned areas in foreign bank account reporting:

  • Foreign Tax Credit
  • Inbound Tax Planning
  • IC-DISC Export Incentives
  • Foreign Earnings And Profits
  • International Tax Compliance
  • Transfer Pricing (IRC Sec. 482)
  • Foreign Earnings Repatriation Planning
  • Extraterritorial Income Exclusion (EII)
  • International Financial Reporting System (IFRS)
  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (IRC Sec. 911)
  • Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA)
  • Sourcing Rules (Income/Expense apportionment)

Our Regulatory Consultants help clients tackle broader issues of corporate governance regulations, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance while offering specialized assistance in key areas such as financial reporting, tax, information technology, human capital, anti-fraud, dispute consulting, and financial advisory services. We can help organizations identify, remediate, monitor, exploit and manage risk compliance in addition to coordinating the deployment of people, process, and technology in order to improve GR&R effectiveness and help manage costs. It can be achieved by following:

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