Self Assesment


  • I am stuck at certain turnover for last few years despite best efforts to grow. How do I get to the next level?
  • I want to enter Indian market, but how do I do test marketing, find local partners, check local taxations and formalities?
  • How should we respond to new competition?
  • We recently hired a new manager, but he does not seem to be effective. Should we hire someone else, or is there some other way?
  • How can we optimise the delivery cycle and minimise errors in the order processing?
  • Should we open up new offices or focus on growing our business in our current locations? If new offices, what geographic markets should we consider?
  • How do we increase our profit margins in the industry that’s rapidly getting more competitive?
  • The inter-departmental fights are withholding the optimisation of profit margins and often causing customer dissatisfaction. Individually they are all assets to the company. What do we do?
  • How can we improve productivity of our staff?
  • We distil information into wisdom to get our clients results – at the same time provide solutions to the real time issues faced by them.
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